Hi, we’re Mini Giants

We’re a partner company, not a parent company

From startups to scaleups, we enable brands to challenge the status quo by standing for something while never standing still.

Meet our family

As a connector of ideas, people and processes, we are driven by a common and powerful purpose to accelerate businesses through our evolving ecosystem.

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If I have seen further,

it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants.

Isaac Newton

Using Dreams to Fuel Real World Action

At Mini Giants, we possess a rare ability to incubate the spark of potential in everything and everyone, as we work together to synergistically see it through.

Choosing to view things not as they are but as they could be, we believe in architecting an ecosystem that benefits your business through every stage of growth.


Some ask why, we ask why not

As a blazer of trails, Mini Giants was put here on this planet to light the way into the future and expand upon your vision, as it’s not a big idea alone that paves the path to entrepreneurial achievement.

Being trapped in the old way of doing things and never innovating fuels us to uncover new insight as it is our calling to push the boundaries of our own beliefs. We find deep satisfaction and purpose through the number of businesses we have helped, lives we have impacted and ideas we have liberated, driven by our desire to explore uncharted territories.

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Mini Giants provides you with the map and courage to set sail with your ideas. They remind you that while boats are safe in the harbour, it's not what they are built for. With their continued support, I am able to navigate uncharted waters with the courage to set my ideas free while adapting and thriving in times of rapid and unpredictable change.

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Written by Ethan

Our Leadership Team

As fellow entrepreneurs, we look to leave our mark on the world as we innovate to break down silos so we can accomplish it together.

Steve Cussons

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Taking the path less traveled, mixed with perseverance and a few pivots along the road to success, Steve’s diverse entrepreneurial pursuits and extensive scale-up experience enables him to see things differently.  As a connector of ideas and accelerated by grit, Steve lives in a world of infinite possibilities always driven to push the limits of, well, everything. Introspective and intuitive by nature, Steve remains balanced with a keen interest and a desire to contribute to society.

Bob Shea

President & Co-Founder

As a key member of the family and a family man, Bob’s can-do spirit embodies what it takes to be a leader, offering motivation and encouragement whether that’s working on a giant vision or a mini launch. Believing the only constant is change, Bob has a willingness to break the mold using his creative powers to solve problems. Engaging in an exchange of knowledge and wisdom, Bob remains true to his word and sincere in every relationship, always loving what he does and benefitting the world.

Michele Poulin

Chief Financial Officer

Balancing productivity with her deeper sense of purpose, Michele is the quintessential “doer” as an idea only has real value when it’s turned into something that others can enjoy and benefit from. Deriving pride and satisfaction from her ability to inspire others to think even bigger, Michele’s greatest strength is an uncanny ability to work through any and all challenges. Always keeping her eyes on the prize, Michele serves as a constant reminder that there is limitless potential to be found within each of us.

Oliver Radley-Smith

Chief Sales Officer

With a highly developed toolkit, Oliver has mastered the art of manifesting ideas and visions into an entrepreneurial form. Channeling the intangible, his unorthodox perspective blends commerce and technology in ways that challenges the norm.  Creating a space to dream and imagine, Oliver is defined by his gifts of focus and dedication as an authority in developing innovative solutions that the rest of us rely on.


We have each other’s interests at heart

Undaunted by challenges and working collaboratively to make the world a better place, we believe accomplishing big things is no small feat. We are deeply invested in the communities we serve advancing people’s lives with a generosity of spirit, inspiring others to do the same.

By creating a better and more sustainable future, we can impact the lives of people everywhere equally and put the planet ahead of corporate self-interests.

Our mini actions today will have a giant effect tomorrow!

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